Video surveillance is a key component of the safety and security procedures of many organizations, providing real-time monitoring of the environment, people, and assets and providing recording for investigative purposes. The benefits of Cisco’s IP Video Surveillance Solution include:

  • Any-time, any-location access: Provides access to video at any time from any network location, within the constraints of available bandwidth, allowing remote monitoring, investigation, and incident response by remote physical security staff or law enforcement personnel.
  • Investment protection: Leverages existing investment in video surveillance and physical security equipment and technology.
  • Network-wide management: IP cameras and servers are monitored and managed over a single network for fault, configuration, and centralized logging.
  • Increased availability: IP networks offer a high level of redundancy that can extend to different physical locations.
  • Scalability: The system can be expanded to new locations as business needs change.
  • Efficient image processing: Digitized images can be transported and duplicated world-wide with no reduction in quality, economically stored, and efficiently indexed and retrieved.
  • Interoperability: Employs an open, standards-based infrastructure that enables the deployment and control of new security applications from a variety of vendors.

The Cisco IP Video Surveillance Solution relies on an IP network infrastructure to link all components, providing high availability, Quality of Service (QoS), performance routing, WAN optimization, and privacy of data through IPSec encryption.

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